Wichita Transit Strategic Operati​​ng Plan 2016-2017

Transit Service in Wichita: A Review of Issues, Financial Challenges and a Vision for the Future

Presented at the Wichita City Council Workshop on November 26, 2013.


Wichita Regional​​ Transit Plan

In May of 2010, the University of Kansas Urban Planning Department Graduate Transportation Planning Implementation class submitted a report to Wichita Transit, which the students of the class had prepared over their 2010 spring semester.

The Wichita Regional Transit Plan is a full vision of what could happen in the Wichita region. The K.U. students looked at the system's existing conditions and, from there, created a vision and attached costs and benefits to that vision. The vision presented by the K.U. graduate students is the first step of transit planning efforts that will work to move Wichita's public transit system toward a more convenient and reliable source of transportation.​​

Download the Wichita Regional Transit Plan​​​