​Vanpools are a rideshare service that allows people who are traveling to and from the same locations to  ride together in a van. Vanpools carry on average seven to fifteen passenges and may operate on weekdays, traveling from one or two common pick-up locations. These are usually a park and ride lot or a transit location, or the workplace.   By having more people using one vehicle, vanpools reduce each person's travel costs, such as fuel, tolls, and the stress of driving. This type of commuting is environmentally-friendly and sustainable way to travel, as sharing journeys reduces carbon emissions, traffic congestion on the roads, and the need for parking spaces.

How​ do I sign up?​

Find a vanpool in your area and sign up

The computer program will try to match you with someone. We will notify you by mail if there is a match or not. If there is a match, we will send you the other person's information. You are responsible for contacting the other person and working out the details. If there is no match, you will remain in the system and new applications will be compared to yours.​

For more information contact Raelee Davis:

Enterprise Holdings

: (405) 330-9191
: (844)789-5909

Rideshare promotion tips

Provide Employee Incentives

  • Preferential parking for rideshare
  • Reduced parking fees for rideshare
  • Participation in Wichita Transit's discount bus pass program
  • Flexible working hours to allow for the formation of rideshare
  • Advance notice of overtime so employees in rideshare may make alternate commuting arrangements
  • Time off work to attend rideshare organizational meetings
  • Recognition for employees involved in rideshare (certificates and prizes)
  • Participation in the Federal Transit Administration's Commuter Choice Program, which allows employees a tax-free incentive to commute to work by means other than driving alone

Promote Rideshare

  • Provide rideshare information and applications in "new hire" employee orientation packets
  • Conduct a commuter survey to determine employee travel patterns​
  • Utilize Wichita Transit's FREE computerized rideshare matching service
  • Advertise rideshare and its benefits in a company newsletter
  • Appoint a Transportation Coordinator to assist employees with meeting their transportation needs
  • Conduct raffles and give prizes for ridesharers
  • Establish a transformation information board where employees may advertise openings in their rideshare or request to join one​​

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