Wichita Transit's paratransit van service provides transportation for customers who are physically and/or mentally disabled and, as a result, are not capable of riding fixed-route bus service.  This service is a requirement of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990.  Disability alone does not qualify an individual to use the paratransit van service, nor does unavailability of fixed-route bus service in a particular area of the city.  Eligibility is not a medical decision.  Other factors that cannot be used when determining eligibility include:  age, an inability to speak English, an inability to drive, trip purpose, overcrowded buses, or simply a desire to avoid riding the fixed-route buses.

An individual's disability(ies) or health condition and how it affects the individual's functional ability to use regular fixed-route bus service are the only criteria used when determining eligibility.

Download Wichita Transit's ParatransitApplication (Nov.,2011)  can type in it.pdfParatransitApplication