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Wichita Transit Advisory Board

The Wichita Transit Advisory Board was created to advise the city council on recommendations from Wichita Transit for service improvements. Board members are appointed by members of the City Council. The mission of this board is to create a new vision for Wichita Transit that will work for the community at large, a vision that the community can get excited about, and a vision that will raise Wichita's transit system to be a first-class system able to compete with other cities our size.​​

Download the Wichita Transit Advisory Board Bylaws

2023 Meeting Dates

= Please note the updated meeting date

The Transit Advisory Board meets at 10:00 AM on the third Wednesday of every month at Wichita Transit's administrative offices located at 777 E. Waterman. Some months may have revised meeting dates shown due to holidays or other schedule changes.​

  • ​April 19
  • May 17
  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 16
  • September 20
  • October 18
  • November 15
  • December​​​​ 20

Board Members

  • Ellen Abbey
  • Ben Blankley
  • Diana Edmiston
  • Jason Gregory
  • Jason Jantz
  • Mika Pyyhkala
  • Derek Sorrells
  • Troy Tabor
Click here if you're interested in applying for vacant board positions​ 

Agendas/Meeting Materials

2023-05-17 Meeting Agenda.pdf2023-05-17 Meeting Agenda
2023-04-19 Meeting Agenda.pdf2023-04-19 Meeting Agenda
2023-03-15 Meeting Agenda.pdf2023-03-15 Meeting Agenda
2023-02-15 Meeting Agenda.pdf2023-02-15 Meeting Agenda
2023-01-18 Meeting Agenda.pdf2023-01-18 Meeting Agenda
2022-12-21 Meeting Materials.pdf2022-12-21 Meeting Materials
2022-12-21 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-12-21 Meeting Agenda
2022-11-16 Meeting Materials.pdf2022-11-16 Meeting Materials
2022-11-16 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-11-16 Meeting Agenda
2022-10-19 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-10-19 Meeting Agenda
2022-09-21 Meeting Materials.pdf2022-09-21 Meeting Materials
2022-09-21 Agenda.pdf2022-09-21 Agenda
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2023-04-18 Draft Minutes.pdf2023-04-18 Draft Minutes
2023-03-15 Draft Minutes.pdf2023-03-15 Draft Minutes
2023-02-15 Meeting Minutes.pdf2023-02-15 Meeting Minutes
2023-01-18 Meeting Draft Minutes.pdf2023-01-18 Meeting Draft Minutes
2022-12-21 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-12-21 Meeting Minutes
2022-11-16 Meeting Notes.pdf2022-11-16 Meeting Notes
2022-10-19 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-10-19 Meeting Minutes
2022-09-21 Minutes.pdf2022-09-21 Minutes
2022-08-17 Minutes.pdf2022-08-17 Minutes
2022-08-17 Meeting Materials.pdf2022-08-17 Meeting Materials
2022-08-17 Meeting Material.pdf2022-08-17 Meeting Material
2022-07-20 Minutes.pdf2022-07-20 Minutes
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