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Ride Wichita Transit to School

​Supplemental Transportation Service

Expand your school transportation options with Wichita to provide alternative bus service to school-age students for the school year. Students can obtain a reduced fare bus pass to utilize all Wichita Transit fixed route buses, providing convenient before and after school service to nearby neighborhoods, and alternative or private schools not currently served with transportation services. Wichita Transit has expanded service options  to access population dense areas of Wichita with fixed route service.  Wichita Transit provides supplemental service to areas on days schools are in session and this service is open to all members of the public. Schedule information, transfer points, updates, services days and bus stop locations are available in print, online, and on our MyStop App. Contact customer service at (316) 265-7221 for more information.

Service Type

Wichita Transit buses will pick up students at Wichita Transit bus stops. Buses will drop off students at or near participating schools in the morning. Transit buses will pick up students following dismissal. Students participating in after school activities, heading to an after school job or those attending schools outside of their attendance area may utilize the regular fixed route bus system for the same low price.

Fare Structure

$20 -  Monthly Pass

$40 -  Semester Pass (valid for entire semester)

$70 -  School Year Pass (September 1 - May 31)

Single rides may be purchased for $1.50 exact change on the bus. 

Buying Your Pass

Passes may be purchased at area middle and high schools or at the Wichita Transit center, located at 214 S. Topeka. All students with a valid identification card are eligible for student pass pricing. Parents or guardians must sign a consent form for each student pass. Parents or guardians may download the form here and bring it with them when purchasing passes.

Finding Your Route

Free travel training and route planning is available from Wichita Transit by calling (316) 352-4868 or the Transit Center at (316) 265-7221.

Middle Schools

​School Routes​
Allison Middle School​ 11121415
​Coleman Middle School
​Curtis Middle School
Hadley Middle School​ 15
Hamilton Middle School​ 16222326​​
​The Independent School
Jardine Middle School​ 23
Marshall Middle School​ 1517​​
Mayberry Middle School​ 1115
​Mead Middle School
​Pleasant Valley Middle School
​Robinson Middle School
​Truesdell Middle School
Wichita Collegiate 27
​Wilbur Middle School

High Schools

​School Routes​
Chester Lewis Academic Learning Center​ 212728
​The Independent School
Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School​ 25201
Towne East Learning Center​ 2529201
Wichita Collegiate 27
Wichita East High School​ 2124
Wichita North High School​ 17
Wichita Northwest High School​ 12
​Wichita Southeast High School

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